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What's next in 2019?


Subscribers in 2018

What an absolutely massive year it’s been! With less than 10 days of 2018 remaining, I’ve finally gotten some quiet time to look back on the year and think about the future.

A year in review

In 2018, my YouTube videos saw over 600k views, the equivalent of 10 years of total watch time - thanks in part to over 27k new subscribers to the channel. It was a massive year and I’m glad I was able to contribute back to the cryptocurrency space through my long-form educational videos and weekly live streams. 

As we enter 2019, I’ve been reflecting closely on the state of cryptocurrency. Many of the promises made in 2017/18 haven’t been delivered on, the markets are in what many are calling a “bear” state, and various projects (eg. Consensys) are scaling back significantly.  In parallel, I’ve observed a slowdown in attention-worthy innovation and a shift to childish feuds between developers, endless scandals and tunnel vision focusing on nothing but the volatile price of crypto assets. As someone who runs a weekly crypto news stream, the subject matter just isn’t that interesting anymore… it’s not fun to report on “X developer fighting with Y developer” or to be repeatedly asked “when will Z token pump?!” in lieu of the stuff that actually matters to me - new, world-changing technology. 

What’s next?

For me, cryptocurrency has always been a hobby and passion project. One thing about how I’m just wired as a person is that I need to remain excited by something to continue along that passion - the second it feels like a chore, I quickly grow bored. I’m still excited by the underlying premise of cryptocurrency, but to avoid this boredom I’ve decided that one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to hit the pause button on my weekly live streams and Patreon account. 

I’ll still be producing YouTube videos, actively posting on Twitter and I’m even thinking of starting up a new podcast - but it won’t be solely cryptocurrency focused, and will instead encompass a variety of topics which I find interesting. I want to dive into areas like ML/AI, VR, privacy tech and maybe even some politics. There will still be plenty of cryptocurrency talk I’m sure, it just won’t be the sole focus of each video. If you have any cool suggestions for non-crypto topics for me to cover, let me know on Twitter.

I want to be crystal clear that this isn’t “Jackson quitting crypto omg!”, as I’m sure some would love to misrepresent it as. It’s just me broadening my horizons so I can remain passionate about my side project, rather than it starting to feel like a chore. Being a content creator requires a lot of time and effort, so it’s important that you exercise some self-care and course correct if you can feel your passion fading or the grind wearing you down - it’s the only way you can keep producing great content that excites you.

What does this mean?

In the coming week, you’ll notice that my Patreon account goes into a “paused” mode. There will be no new episodes of the Crypto Weekly live stream, but all existing videos will remain up on YouTube and I’ll continue to post there with fresh content (just not solely crypto focused) starting in 2019. I’ll be figuring out a new, alternative tipping method if you’d still like to support my new endeavors. 

Again, thank you all for your support during this wild year of 2018 - I couldn’t have done it with all my followers, subscribers and supporters. Stay tuned via Twitter and YouTube for news about what’s next, I’m excited to produce a fresh bunch of (hopefully) awesome content in 2019 for you all. 

Until then, have an amazing holiday season. 

- Jackson.

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